1. You will have no other desires than those of your other half
  2. You will protect yourself and love your neighbor as yourself
  3. You will not converse aloud but will listen to his cries of pleasure
  4. You will observe where the garbage cans are and the return of the towels!
  5. You will honor us all with your hygiene in order to enjoy a long life in this club
  6. You will not introduce glass that will break under your bare feet
  7. You will not use illicit substances or get drunk too much, in order to remain seductive
  8. You will not commit mad wandering without your spouse to examine what you already know
  9. You will not bear testimony of what is going on here
  10. You will not covet your neighbor's spouse, or anything that belongs to him ...

EVENING RIGHT "Code des Galeristes"

The Gallery is for the Free Life-Style welcomes all couples and single women who take care of themselves and others ...

The members will be honored to 'sponsor' new couples of their choice in order to create a group that they resemble ...

Gentlemen, your conduct is very simple. It is that of a gentleman, neither more nor less.
You are passenger without machismo, detach your belt, it is your woman who drives ...
Be a good co-driver!

Ladies, your conduct is even simpler, because you are the one who holds the cards ... you go where you want,
At the speed that suits you ... go as you please.

For the pleasure of all, the members should respect of the dress codes, especially the white and masked evenings.
Always indicated on the flyers.

Thus, gentlemen will have to "dress" appropriately and live up to the outfits of their magnificent companion.

  • Cuddling spaces are reserved for the most discerning of you ...
  • The rules are simple and strict and will only be transgressed once!
  • No glass or cup, it cuts!
  • No man alone, it squirts!
  • Respect for all, always and all night!
  • Women are queens, they reign!
  • We do not chat, we are brave!
  • What comes out with what you bring
  • And nothing but smiles!




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